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Activities and Attractions N Islands – Fiji

Northern Islands activities

The natural beauty of Fiji - both above ground and below water - are what call honeymooners to the Northern Islands.

Activities on and around Vanua Levu

Savusavu and Natewa Bays: Savusavu is a rapidly developing town that serves as the port of call for the Northern Islands. Its bay is spectacularly beautiful and crowds gather to watch the ships pull in over the shimmering water.

Wai Tui Marina: Savusavu's new marina, known as 'the mall', is filled with the yacht crowd, families and people thronging to the local eateries.

Labasa: The largest city on Vanua Levu, this town is dominated by the sugar trade. It is made up primarily of Fijians of Indian descent and is an excellent place to pick up Indian imports.

Sugar Cane Plantation: Vanua Levu is dominated by sugar cane plantations. Ask to see how sugar is grown and processed.

Hiking: South of Labasa is Vanua Levu's best hiking, in the mountains.

Activities on and around Taveuni

Soft coral abounds around the Rainbow Reef Rainbow Reef: This reef is almost twenty miles long and provides Taveuni with the underwater flora and fauna known to divers around the world. Although the views are spectacular, introductory dives here are not recommended due to the stronger currents.

See Rainbow Reef in Google Earth.

Bouma National Park: There are three stunning hikes in Bouma, Fiji's largest national park. Visitors can view waterfalls on all of the hikes. The Lavena Coastal Walk is ideal for those looking for a stroll along the coast. For those looking for a more strenuous workout, arrange for a guide to take you to Lake Tagimaucia to view the Tagimaucia flower.

Lake Tagimaucia and the Tagimaucia Flower: The rare Tagimaucia flower blooms from October through December, peaking in October. It only blooms around the large lake of the same name, and is deep red with a small white center.

Warrior Burial Cave: Warriors were buried here in secret to preserve their remains and keep them safe from enemies. It was discovered in the 1950s, and most of the bones were moved elsewhere.

International Dateline: The 180th meridian lies south of the Garden Island Resort on Taveuni. Travel less than one mile and you will find where the international dateline once passed. Later, it was changed so the people on Taveuni all lived on the same day! Google Earth, however, is still confused - it doesn't know what to do and when you ask it to show you a collection of resorts near this location, it will spin the globe to the exact opposite side of the world!

Wairiki Mission: Also called the Taveuni Catholic mission, it provides a glimpse into British colonial architecture.

Activities On and Around Other Islands

Namena Island: Bird watching is a popular pastime here, with the highlight being the red-footed boobies.

Rabi and Kioa: Indigenous Polynesians from Tuvalu and Kiribati live on these remote islands. The settlements of the Tuvaluan and Banaban provide interesting cultural insights into the people. There is no formal accommodation. However, the villages will arrange a homestay in advance if needed.

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