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Activities and Attractions Outer Islands – Fiji

Outer islands activities

Lounging around the sandy beaches, snorkeling and looking at the wonders below and visiting with the friendly village locals are the dominating activities around these relaxed and happy islands.

Water activities around the Yasawa Islands

Manta Ray Spotting: The small islands around Naviti boast a number of lagoons, home to plentiful manta rays from May to October.

Snorkeling and SCUBA diving: Multiple opportunities to immerse yourself in the underwater world exist in the Yasawas.

Water sports: Fly fishing, deep-sea fishing and kayaking are available at a number of places throughout the Yasawas.

Explore the underwater coral caves around the Yasawa Islands.
Land activities on the Yasawa Islands

Explore Local Villages: The most populated island in the Yasawas, there are six or so fishing communities scattered around Naviti Island. Put on your best behavior and introduce yourself to some locals!

Original Tourism: Scope out the budget Tavewa Island backpackers, first opened in the 1980s, or the exclusive couples-only resort on nearby Turtle Island. These were the first claims to tourism in the Yasawas.

Walk Between Islands: Amuse yourself by wading between Kuata and Waya islands at low tide.

Six Month Beach: So named for the time it takes to get rid of all its fine sand once you depart, the Six Month Beach is found on Yasawa Island.

Sawa-i-Lau Cave: Before you travel to Fiji, watch the Blue Lagoon so you can squeal with delightful recognition when you spot Sawa-i-Lau, which the lovers made famous. Nanuya Lailai is another Blue Lagoon filming spot.

Active Sports: Depending on the location, tennis, hiking and trekking through jaw-dropping scenery are available.

Air Activities Above Yasawa Islands

Scenic Flights: Charters from Viti Levu on sea-planes provide stunning photographs of your visual memories.

Other Islands

SCUBA diving around the Astrolabe Reef near Kadavu is world-renowned. The fourth-largest reef in the world, expect to see plentiful soft coral, hawkfish, sea snakes, triggerfish, turtles, angelfish

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