Fiji Activities & Attractions

Activities On & Around Vanua Levu

Savusavu and Natewa Bays

Savusavu is a rapidly developing town that serves as the port of call for the Northern Islands. Its bay is spectacularly beautiful and crowds gather to watch the ships pull in over the shimmering water.

Wai Tui Marina

Savusavu’s new marina, known as ‘the mall’, is filled with the yacht crowd, families and people thronging to the local eateries.


The largest city on Vanua Levu, this town is dominated by the sugar trade. It is made up primarily of Fijians of Indian descent and is an excellent place to pick up Indian imports.

Sugar Cane Plantation

Vanua Levu is dominated by sugar cane plantations. Ask to see how sugar is grown and processed.


South of Labasa is Vanua Levu’s best hiking, in the mountains.

Activities On & Around Taveuni

Rainbow Reef

This reef is almost twenty miles long and provides Taveuni with the underwater flora and fauna known to divers around the world. Although the views are spectacular, introductory dives here are not recommended due to the stronger currents.

Bouma National Park

There are three stunning hikes in Bouma, Fiji’s largest national park. Visitors can view waterfalls on all of the hikes. The Lavena Coastal Walk is ideal for those looking for a stroll along the coast. For those looking for a more strenuous workout, arrange for a guide to take you to Lake Tagimaucia to view the Tagimaucia flower.

Lake Tagimaucia & the Tagimaucia Flower

The rare Tagimaucia flower blooms from October through December, peaking in October. It only blooms around the large lake of the same name, and is deep red with a small white center.

Warrior Burial Cave

Warriors were buried here in secret to preserve their remains and keep them safe from enemies. It was discovered in the 1950s, and most of the bones were moved elsewhere.

International Dateline

The 180th meridian lies south of the Garden Island Resort on Taveuni. Travel less than one mile and you will find where the international dateline once passed. Later, it was changed so the people on Taveuni all lived in the same timezone.

Wairiki Mission

Also called the Taveuni Catholic mission, it provides a glimpse into British colonial architecture.

Activities On Viti Levu

More than 70% of Fiji’s population resides on Viti Levu which is home to its three largest cities. The cultural, economic and governmental powerhouse of the country, most visitors spend a few hours here, even if they’re on their way to a smaller island.

Still, Viti Levu has plenty of attractions of its own, including the country’s first area developed for tourism, the Coral Coast, plus interesting scenery and well-preserved historical attractions.

Nadi, where most international travelers arrive, and Suva, the capital, are a four-hour bus ride apart. Most travelers do not visit Suva, instead preferring to spend their time on the beach.

Activities On & Around Nadi


Although it’s home to Fiji’s largest international airport, this city is actually Fiji’s third-largest. Visit Nadi to shop, eat, or visit The Garden of the Sleeping Giant which has orchids and hiking trails to take advantage of.


North of Nadi, and the second largest city in the country, Lautoka is also the second-largest point of entry, with many passenger ships departing from here to elsewhere in Fiji.

Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple

This is the largest place of worship for the Hindus in Fiji and is supposedly the largest temple south of the equator. Taking pictures and wearing shoes inside are forbidden.


Nadi and Suva offer the country’s most compact, easy-to-shop areas for souvenirs. Large and small stores clamoring for tourists line the main drags.

Activities Elsewhere on Viti Levu

Nausori Highlands

A remote area with plenty of mountain hikes, this area is best explored with a guide…or 4×4.


The nation’s capital offers a wide array of shopping, dining and cultural attractions.

Fiji Museum

In Suva, this museum hosts the largest collection of Fijian artifacts in world (which, considering it’s in Fiji, is a good thing). History buffs can also view some remains of the H.M.S. Bounty.

Activities Around the Coral Coast

Sigatoka Valley

This fertile growing region produces much of the country’s natural vegetable supply and provides excellent exploring opportunities.

Sigatoka Sand Dunes

For drier hikes just off the beach, scale the heights at Sigatoka Sand Dunes.

Naihehe Sacred Caves

Near Sigatoka, these should be toured with a local guide for religious and practical reasons.

Natadola Beach

Viti Levu’s stunning beach is home to several up and coming resorts, with strong breaks that encourage bodyboarders.

Tavuni Hill Fortification

These ruins are a national protected site. A guide can explain the fascinating history – including how human bones were found in the oven – for a small fee.

Momi Guns

During WWII, Viti Levu housed a defensive base, which has been spectacularly preserved with a museum inside an old bunker and an expansive view of the water and land below. The cannons were never fired as an act of war.

Yasawa Islands

Lounging around the sandy beaches, snorkeling and looking at the wonders below and visiting with the friendly village locals are the dominating activities around these relaxed and happy islands.

Manta Ray Spotting

The small islands around Naviti boast a number of lagoons, home to plentiful manta rays from May to October.

Snorkeling and SCUBA Diving

Multiple opportunities to immerse yourself in the underwater world exist in the Yasawas. SCUBA diving around the Astrolabe Reef near Kadavu is world-renowned. The fourth-largest reef in the world, expect to see plentiful soft coral, hawkfish, sea snakes, triggerfish, turtles, angelfish.

Water Sports

Fly fishing, deep-sea fishing and kayaking are available at a number of places throughout the Yasawas.


The underwater coral caves around the Yasawa Islands.

Local Villages

The most populated island in the Yasawas, there are six or so fishing communities scattered around Naviti Island. Put on your best behavior and introduce yourself to some locals!

Original Tourism

Scope out the budget Tavewa Island backpackers, first opened in the 1980s, or the exclusive couples-only resort on nearby Turtle Island. These were the first claims to tourism in the Yasawas.

Walk Between Islands

Amuse yourself by wading between Kuata and Waya islands at low tide.

Six Month Beach

So named for the time it takes to get rid of all its fine sand once you depart, the Six Month Beach is found on Yasawa Island.

Sawa-i-Lau Cave

Before you travel to Fiji, watch the Blue Lagoon so you can squeal with delightful recognition when you spot Sawa-i-Lau, which the lovers made famous. Nanuya Lailai is another Blue Lagoon filming spot.

Active Sports

Depending on the location, tennis, hiking and trekking through jaw-dropping scenery are available.

Scenic Flights

Charters from Viti Levu on sea-planes provide stunning photographs of your visual memories.

Activities On and Around Other Islands

Namena Island

Bird watching is a popular pastime here, with the highlight being the red-footed boobies.

Rabi and Kioa

Indigenous Polynesians from Tuvalu and Kiribati live on these remote islands. The settlements of the Tuvaluan and Banaban provide interesting cultural insights into the people. There is no formal accommodation. However, the villages will arrange a homestay in advance if needed.

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