Africa Adventure Honeymoons

If exploring ruggedly beautiful nature and encountering wildlife are criteria that top your vacation checklist, an Africa honeymoon is the perfect choice for you. Married life is a wonderful adventure, so starting life as newlyweds in adventuresome Africa will be a taste of what’s to come.

You and your honey will speed through the dusty plains of the Serengeti, located in Kenya and Tanzania, to discover the most magnificent wildlife in existence. Lucky honeymooners will see graceful giraffes brushing treetops for leaves. What seem to be the most recognized symbols of African wildlife, zebras will trot along with their harems, showing off their glorious black and white coats, which are in stark contrast to the surrounding muted earth tones. Newlyweds may also be fortunate enough to spot regal lionesses, queens of their habitats, who seem to govern all that goes on around them. Their precious cubs are never far behind – the babies’ voices only whispers of the thunderous roars they’ll become.

Namibia, another African country, is filled with more natural wonder than one could ever imagine. Couples will explore the stunning salt pans of Etosha National Park. Winds carry the briny powder produced from the pans to the surrounding region, which eagerly fortifies itself with the nourishment from the dust’s minerals. Newlyweds will marvel at the bright-white pans against the brilliant blue sky, but they’ll only be able to stare a moment, for there are rare black rhinoceros to behold. These large, horned prehistoric looking creatures seem to command respect with each solid step they take. Rhinoceros have some similar characteristics to the lofty African elephant, the largest land animal in the entire world. Newlyweds will be awestruck by this magnificent animal, some bearing tusks longer than many people are tall! These deservedly exalted creatures are highly intelligent and are proven to display love towards other animals. What better way to mark the beginning of married life than to spend it amongst those who, however primitive they may be, embody love?

Don’t wait to make your Africa honeymoon the vacation of your lifetime. Book your honeymoon today and get your African adventure started!

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