Anguilla Honeymoons

If you consider the combination of turquoise blue waters, white sandy beaches and tropical island life to be paradise (and who wouldn’t?), then an Anguilla honeymoon is the right choice for you. Begin your new married life by exploring tropical nature and immersing yourselves in the rich culture of Anguilla.

Plunge into sparkling blue waters and discover yourselves swimming amongst precious sea turtles and sting rays. For a closer look, get out the snorkel or scuba gear to participate in some underwater voyeurism—the fish aren’t shy, and they’ll even give you and your honey a show worth the plane ride. You won’t believe the colors these water world members boast. Reds so fiery, they put cardinals to shame. Greens so vibrant, shamrocks just wilt in their presence. And, blues so piercing, only the intensely-colored surrounding water can compete. Shipwrecked vessels and their bounties may also be spotted on the ocean floor. All the riches these ships ever carried, however, can’t compare to the emotional wealth you and your love are lucky enough to have amassed.

You and your new spouse will lounge on beds of sand and stare out onto the horizon. The pinks and oranges of the tropical sunrises will surely help you forget your cares, while the gently swaying palm trees will lull you into relaxation. Of course, it’s best to finish your spiced rum concoction before the palm trees give their cues, for it will only be moments before you and your soul mate meet each other in unconsciousness, while still being caressed by the sun’s loving rays.

Unwind from your dream-like days by dining on the bounty of local food Anguilla has to offer. Feast on butter-drenched lobster, conch fritters and fresh, ripe fruits whose juices will drip down your chins. You will undoubtedly hear the age-old adage repeating in your heads: “Eat, drink and be merry!” You and your spouse are, indeed, eating, drinking and being merry. This is the how you are commemorating the start of the rest of your lives.

Don’t wait to book the Anguilla honeymoon of your dreams!

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