Antigua Honeymoons

Sparkling blue waters? Check. Swooning palm trees? Check. White sandy beaches? Check. If these things encompass your idea of a fabulous vacation, then an Antigua honeymoon will be perfect for you. You and your honey will navigate through a brilliant underwater world and get a taste of island life, as well.

Go on… dip your foot in the ocean. It won’t dye your foot blue, although the water looks too-blue-to-be-true. If you poke your head beneath the water’s surface, you’re likely to spot lovely sea turtles and sting rays swimming about. Look a little longer and you’ll witness some of the most brilliantly colored marine life in the world. The creatures living on and around the wondrous coral reef will provide many hours of viewing pleasure. The colors will dazzle you. Are those natural sponges or are they fuchsia flowers? Are those fish or are they precious gold coins? Are those sea plants or are they artificial store-bought arrangements? You’ll confirm all this precious life is real and you’ll understand that nothing compares to the natural beauty of Antigua. Nothing, of course, except for the love you and your new spouse share for each other. What a fitting way to start new married life!

Once you’ve gotten your fill of sea life, you and your love may want to spend some time paying homage to the lovely mango fruit. Not only is mango one of the most delicious, buttery fruits in the entire world, but it’s also revered on Antigua. Citizens and visitors are encouraged to enjoy mangoes, the plentiful fruit, but also to boost the national economy by buying local mangoes and generating interest in mangoes by creating (and selling) mango-centric products, such as books about mangoes, jellies, jams and spreads. Even if you and your honey are not mango maniacs, there are really fun things to do at the Antigua Mango Festival, such as listening to the riveting storytelling of the locals, watching informative films, being entertained by local musicians and tasting your way around the food tents, where mangoes are not the only things on the menu. You may enjoy delicious conch fritters and fried plantains, chased with delicious gulps of tropical soursop juice.

A tropical paradise is yours to behold on your Antigua honeymoon!

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