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The one thing all brides have in common? Wedding planning questions. When you first start planning your wedding, you have hundreds of decisions — both big and small — to make. Fortunately, we are here to provide answers and take off some of the pressure. And no matter how big your problem, you can bet we have heard it before.

From engagement questions and dealing with guest list issues, to the really tricky stuff like how to cope with in-laws or work through relationship problems, we have answers from our editor-in-chief and wedding expert Carley Roney. Have a tricky wedding cake conundrum? You are not alone! We have helped thousands of brides solve their wedding issues, and the answers will be helpful for you too! Are you ready to boot your maid of honor? Check out our bridesmaid questions and answers for tips to get through the drama. And if you feel like wedding planning is taking a toll on your relationship, head over to our relationship questions and answers for advice to get you through the rough patches. Wedding planning may be full of headaches, confusion, and endless questions, but we have the expert answers to get you from the proposal to the cake cutting as smoothly as possible.

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