Australia Honeymoons

Although neighbors with some striking similarities, Australia and New Zealand are two distinct countries, both offering their own unique culture and ecology. Whether you choose an Australia honeymoon or a New Zealand honeymoon, you are in store for an exciting, adventuresome and memorable vacation to kick start your blissful new married life.


Adventurous, nature loving newlyweds should consider an Australian honeymoon. The Down Under is tops in many world traveled honeymooners’ opinions.

Koala bears, kangaroos, wombats and emus are just some of the precious wildlife newlyweds may encounter on their honeymoon adventures. Can it get any cuter than watching a fuzzy little koala feed on eucalyptus? Probably not, but seeing a baby kangaroo poke his head out of his mama’s pouch might give the koala experience a run for its money.

Australia is a rich land with the ecologically diverse outback and balmy rainforests. Honeymooners will venture down uneven roads to increase their chances of seeing flocks of spiky headed cockatoos, brumbies (feral horses) and any number of meteor craters that have left their mark on the vast landscape.  In the hazy fog of the Daintree Rainforest, newlyweds may spot Lovely Fairywrens showing off their glorious white bellies and sleek black wings.

Get in touch with your wild side on an Australia honeymoon!

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