Basics for Bridesmaids

When she starts planning her wedding, the people a bride is most likely to turn to for advice (besides her groom, of course!) are her bridesmaids and her mother. But if you fit into either one of those roles, you might not be sure what is required of you.

Fortunately, we are here to help with bridesmaid advice. Check out our Basics for Bridesmaids area to learn all of your bridesmaid and maid-of-honor duties in detail. (Hint: Very little is actually required, but the more you help the happier the bride will be that she asked you to be one of her maids.) In general, the only things required are buying the dress and showing up, but you will also have the opportunity to plan bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and go dress shopping with the bride, though she may ask you to help with other maid of honor duties. For moms, the rules are a little different. You have been her sounding board for most of her life, so now that she is planning the most important event of her life, you can be sure she will turn to you for mother of the bride help. Our Basics for Moms area will help you with everything from choosing a mother-of-the-bride (or groom!) dress to etiquette tips to keeping family drama at a minimum. Then, it is time for the fun stuff! Check out our Bridal Showers area for tips to plan the perfect party, whether you opt for a girly luncheon or a co-ed party. Next, head over to our Bachelorette Parties section for theme and activity ideas to send your friend off to married life in style.

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