A Canada Honeymoon

“From sea to sea,” and everything in between, Canada is a beautiful country with rich culture. Newlyweds will never be at a loss for fun things to do as long as a Canada honeymoon is involved.

Nova Scotia, an eastern Canadian island, provides coastal charm and rich culture. Honeymooners will tour the island’s beautiful Halifax Public Gardens, where the cheery flowers and plush pathways of the property are sure to put springs in the steps of many newlyweds. History loving honeymooners will stroll through the intriguing exhibits of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. The carefully documented maritime history of Nova Scotia is well preserved within the walls of the beloved institution. Newlyweds will finish off their dreamy ocean getaways dining on fresh, tender lobster and visiting the romantic, historical lighthouses of the island, including the Sambro Island Lighthouse, the oldest in North America.

Couples who enjoy city life with touches of Old World France will venture to Montreal. Lovebirds will mark their new married lives by celebrating with music that plays to their souls at the Les FrancoFolies de Montréal, a music festival that annually hosts over 1,000 French musicians. After dancing their nights away, honeymooners will tour the magnificent Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, which is home to the works of such prolific artists as Renoir and Rodin. Of course, no honeymoon adventure would be complete without a feast of the area’s delicacies.

Representing one of the most diverse food scenes in the world, Montreal’s must-eats include the city’s famous smoked meat sandwiches (similar to corned beef), Montreal-style bagels (slightly sweeter and wood-fired, as opposed to the more common savory and oven-baked) and shish taouk (similar to chicken shawarma).

Vancouver, considered by many to be “North Hollywood,” is a thriving city in the western half of Canada. Honeymooners who appreciate the movie industry will delight in their trip to this hotbed of film production. Couples will attend the Toronto International Film Festival, second only to Cannes, according to many in the know. The festival is likely to leave some newlyweds “seeing stars,” as the list of attendees reads like a little black book of the biggest players in the industry.  If lucky enough, lovebirds will also tour some of the biggest movie studios in the world, including Mammoth and Pinewood, where many of our modern classics have been shot.

Your Canada honeymoon adventure awaits!

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