South African Honeymoons

The second and third largest islands in Fiji can be found in the Northern Islands. Vanua Levu, Taveuni and a number of smaller islands provide fantastic diving, fishing and relaxing opportunities for guests in a small resort atmosphere.

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Mauritian Honeymoons

This 720-square-mile Indian Ocean outpost located east of Madagascar and the coast of southern Africa exudes mystery and romance.

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Seychellois Honeymoons

Crystalline waters, perennially sunny skies, resorts of rustic-luxe huts perched above the ocean -- at first glimpse the Seychelles appear similar to island paradises you may have visited before. But then you hear the song of the rare Seychelles Warbler or glimpse the indigenous coco de mer palm and realize you're in an exotic land about as far as you can get from home. 

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Honeymoon In Marrakesh

Marrakesh or Marrakech  is, in a word, mysterious. Think pungent spices, snake charmers, faith healers, bazaars, souks (markets), and the medina -- the old part of the city that's still surrounded by 12th-century walls.

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Africa Honeymoons


For those seeking a more exotic experience for their honeymoon, a trip to Africa may be just the ticket.

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