Honeymoon In Tuscany

Tuscany, along central Italy's west coast, is Renaissance country -- the lush landscape inspired painters Leonardo and Raphael with its green valleys, rolling hills, vineyards, and olive groves. The art and architecture of the fifteenth century remain in ample evidence, but il dolce far niente -- the sweet art of idleness -- is equally intoxicating.


Honeymoon In Vienna


If you're classical music fans, European history buffs or art and architecture aficionados, a trip to Vienna will be your personal recipe for bliss. The city quite possibly possesses the biggest cache of cultural treats of any city in Europe. It's filled with gorgeous paintings and era-defining architecture from the Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau periods. And the city that gave the world Mozart and Beethoven remains a center for soul-stirring musical performances.


Honeymoon In Florence

Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance and home to many of world's most famous paintings and statues. If you're visiting during a tour of Tuscany, take a few days to explore this bustling city's mind-boggling collection of artistic genius and stunning cathedrals.


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