Honeymoon In Prague

When you wander the winding streets of Prague, it's easy to see how Franz Kafka's surreal stories could have been inspired by the city -- the gothic architecture, smoky beer halls, and massive castle that overlooks Old Town all lend a sense of mystery and history to the surroundings.

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Honeymoon In London


For a city with European charm, world-class shopping and must-see museums, consider a trip to London. England is a relatively quick flight over the Atlantic if you're on the east coast, so you won't spend too much time traveling, and London's architecture, parks, and pubs all add to the city's romance and allure.

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Honeymoon In The French Riviera


The French Riviera has been famous among the famous for more than a century. Celebrities and statesmen were initially attracted by its beautiful light, mild weather and access to both beaches and mountains; and over the years the area has been built up into a fantasia of luxury beaches, casinos, perfumeries, yachts and mansions. The French call this lavish coastline theCôte d'Azur, and here you'll find a range of terrain, with unequaled vistas of the both Mediterranean shoreline and French Alps.

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