Shopping in the Cook Island

Travelers to the Cook Islands will find a number of stores that offer local black pearls for sale both loose and in jewelry.

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Restaurants and Lodging Mamanuca Islands

Mamanuca Islands Restaurants and Lodging

The island chain closest to Nadi, there is a wide selection of resorts on the Mamanucas, catering in every budget.

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Restaurants and Lodging Viti Levu

Viti Levu Hotels and Restaurants

The remoteness of the resorts on Viti Levu means that finding stand-alone restaurants outside of large towns can be difficult! The best dining options in Nadi are around Denarau Island, with Indian curries and Asian dishes being the most common.

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Restaurants and Lodging Outer Islands

Restaurants and Lodging

Outer islands hotels and restaurants

Although there are no free-standing restaurants in the Yasawa Islands, every resort offers dining opportunities or meal plans. The food tends to be of the highest gourmet quality to match the impressive views! Note that most resorts in the Yasawas only offer meals to their guests.

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The Cook Islands: Rarotonga

Rarotonga offers dozens of restaurants in a variety of price ranges and with different cuisines. Downtown Avarua has the largest concentration of restaurants ranging from Mama's or the Blue Note Café to the Tamarind House with its international menu. Trader Jack's is legendary - when a cyclone took out their restaurant, they reopened for a time in a ship container and were known as Jack's in the Box until they rebuilt in their harbor-side location.

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Popular Activities

Popular activities in Tahiti

With so much water around, it is no surprise that water-based activities are popular near Tahiti and her islands. However, there is plenty to explore on the dry ground as well!

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Overwater Bungalows Guide

Overwater Bungalows

What are overwater bungalows?

Overwater bungalow at Sheraton Moorea Lagoon Resort and Spa, as viewed on TheBigDay 2007 site inspection. Visit the fishies without ever getting wet in Tahiti, the home of the overwater bungalow!

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Language and Common Words

Common Words and Phrases

Kia orana!

You'll hear this cheerful greeting from everyone as you move around the islands. It means 'may you live on'.

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Introduction to the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are located in the South Pacific with Tahiti to the east and Samoa and Tonga to the west. The Cook Islands share the same time zone as Hawaii. Spread out over 850,000 square miles of the ocean, the 15 islands - a total of about 93 square miles - that comprise the Cooks are divided geographically into six Northern Islands and nine Southern Islands.

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Inter Island Travel

Tahiti inter island travel

Due to their varying diversity, travelling between Tahiti's individual islands is very common, even for honeymooners on a short stay.

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