Honeymoon In Marrakesh

Marrakesh or Marrakech  is, in a word, mysterious. Think pungent spices, snake charmers, faith healers, bazaars, souks (markets), and the medina -- the old part of the city that's still surrounded by 12th-century walls.

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Fiji Weddings and Honeymoons

There are hundreds of beaches to be wed on in Fiji! More than a dozen resorts in Fiji offer the option of a beachside wedding - or renewing your vows - in a traditional Fijian ceremony.

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Fiji Inter Island Travel

Fiji inter island travel

Getting to Fiji is easy - more than 90% of honeymooners arrive via plane into Nadi, located on the main island of Viti Levu. Getting around Fiji once you've landed isn't any harder! Most resorts are located away from the main island, in secluded areas, so plan on an additional flight or boat ride once you land in Nadi.

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Fiji FAQ

Fiji frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about Fiji's islands. For other need-to-know facts, check out our important info page.

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Honeymoon Travel FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on Honeymoon Travel

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Common Tahitian Words

Common Tahitian words

Although English is widely spoken in resorts, restaurants and touristy areas, learning a few phrases in Tahitian will endear you to the locals...and help you understand words like motu and marae, which are often incorporated in signs and brochures!

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Common Fijian Words

Common Fijian words

English is the official language in Fiji and almost everyone speaks it - especially in the cities and tourist areas. However, a majority also speak Fijian as well, and terms and phrases may be used interchangeably.

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Choosing Your Honeymoon

honeymoon destination

So you're engaged...congratulations!

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Honeymoon Buying Tips

Our Tips: Being a Well-Informed Honeymoon Shopper

Whether you book your honeymoon with us or elsewhere, we hope these tips will help you make smart, well-informed travel decisions.

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Best Time to Visit

Best Time of Year to Go to Tahiti

The best time of year to travel to Tahiti - which is also the peak season - is during their winter, especially the months of June through August. This also corresponds to the North American wedding season.

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