Best Time to Visit Cook Islands

Best Time to Go to the Cook Islands

Warm and sunny weather will welcome you year round in the Cook Islands, which are located in the Tropic of Capricorn.

Average temperatures range between 64 degrees Fahrenheit and 82 degrees Fahrenheit in their winter (May through October) and 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 84 degrees Fahrenheit in their summer (November to April). Most of the rainfall occurs from January through early May.

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Best Time to Go To Fiji

Fiji is a tropical paradise - with weather to match! This luscious country is blessed with natural beauty both on the land and under the water.
Best time of year to go to Fiji

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Aitutaki is sometimes called the Bora Bora of the Cook Islands. The main attraction of the island is the lagoon, which has so many shades of blue water you will run out of adjectives attempting to describe them. A must is a lagoon cruise - and some tourists fly to Aitutaki from Rarotonga for the day to do this. There are several operators who do these cruises. Bishops is one company that offers both large and small pontoon cruises. Most of the cruises stop for a snorkeling break near Honeymoon Island and visit One Foot Island (where you can find one of the smallest post offices in the world). Lunch is provided as part of the cruise.

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Honeymoon Overview

Honeymoon Overview

Our travel experts have traveled around the world in search of the globe's most romantic destinations. In the process, we've helped thousands of couples plan their dream vacation and have picked up quite a bit of advice along the way!

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Tahiti is the main island. The group of islands is also often called French Polynesia and a listing of popular activities throughout it can be found under our popular activities page.

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Viti Levu activities

More than 70% of Fiji's population resides on Viti Levu which is home, unsurprisingly, to its three largest cities. The cultural, economic and governmental powerhouse of the country, most visitors spend a few hours here, even if they're on their way to a smaller island.

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Activities and Attractions Outer Islands

Outer islands activities

Lounging around the sandy beaches, snorkeling and looking at the wonders below and visiting with the friendly village locals are the dominating activities around these relaxed and happy islands.

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Activities and Attractions N Islands

Northern Islands activities

The natural beauty of Fiji - both above ground and below water - are what call honeymooners to the Northern Islands.

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Destination Weddings


The most popular trend in honeymoon travel is the Destination Wedding, uniting a ideal wedding with an equally romantic honeymoon locale. No longer limited to the traditional Las Vegas elopement (although Las Vegas destination weddings are fabulous), these convenient and often lavish wedding/travel packages can be arranged for nearly any honeymoon site and budget, from Italian villas to tropical beaches, not to mention elegant nautical nuptials aboard cruise ships.

Couples can pledge their vows in Fiji, wearing authentic costumes and celebrating traditional romantic Fijian customs, then spirit themselves away after the party to their gorgeous honeymoon bure (house). There, they'll be pampered for the duration of their all-inclusive honeymoon (bure, plus all gourmet food, drink and an array of activities included). Engaged couples can arrange to celebrate their big day in Hawaiian garb, complete with flower leis and a Polynesian feast. The possibilities for personalized destination wedding package are truly exciting, and virtually endless!

We'll gladly help organize guests' travel arrangements to and from the wedding/honeymoon site.

Packages often include the cake, flowers and decorations, photographs — even manicures and announcement cards, not to mention the reservations at their all-inclusive resort. Destination weddings are the most convenient choice for busy couples, and truly provide all the exciting extras that wedding day dreams are made of. All you'll need to bring is your suitcase, a spirit of adventure and your one true love.

USA + Canada

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Not only does a US or Canadian honeymoon provide ease of travel (staying local means you do not need a passport!), it can also provide exciting options for couples on a budget.

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