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The Expert List is an exclusive circle of top celebrity wedding and event designers. Here you'll find their insider tips and tricks to throwing a beautiful wedding as well as 100s of wedding photos from some of the most high-end, luxury weddings across the country. Think: amazing tented weddings with pretty pink garden themes, ballroom weddings filled with lush florals and more!

Fun Stuff

wedding traditions superstitions

We know wedding traditions and customs can be tricky, but we'll teach you the significance behind these treasured customs. Whether you want to incorporate your own culture's wedding customs or honor the wedding traditions of your fiance's family's heritage, our Wedding Customs channel has all the tips and advice you need to pull off a perfectly culture-infused wedding ceremony.

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Ask The Big Day


The one thing all brides have in common? Wedding planning questions. When you first start planning your wedding, you have hundreds of decisions -- both big and small -- to make. Fortunately, we are here to provide answers and take off some of the pressure. And no matter how big your problem, you can bet we have heard it before.

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Maids + Moms


When she starts planning her wedding, the people a bride is most likely to turn to for advice Learn More

Grooms + Guys


We don't want to sell you short: Sure, we know the stereotype that the bride plans the wedding while the groom's eyes glaze over, but there are a ton of ways guys like to get involved, and if you're on this looking for tips, you're definitely on the right track.

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Every bride wants to look her best -- and we want to help you get there. Our bridal beauty channel is chock full of wedding makeup how-tos, wedding hair tips, and advice for getting in shape for your big day.

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Ready to put together your wedding fashion game plan? We’ve got all the wedding attire tips and advice you need to pull off the perfect wedding day look.

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Groom Basics

879921 groom-and-groomsmen 620

You're getting married…now what? If you're feeling a bit lost in the wide world of wedding planning, you've come to the right place for tips for grooms. From choosing your groomsmen to figuring out what to wear, here's where you'll find all the help for the groom you could ever want.

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Wedding engagements are one of the most exciting times, and we're here to help you get started. Whether you just got engaged or are planning on getting engaged, we've got the best tips on how to find the right ring, the right words, and the right time to propose.

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Tuxedos and Attire


Let's face it -- people are probably going to have more to say about the bride's attire than they are about the tuxes. But that does not mean you should not take this opportunity to look your absolute best.

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