A Croatia Honeymoon

A Croatia honeymoon is an experience that may be classified under many different categories, including Mediterranean, Slavic and European. Couples who appreciate a convergence of the Old World and a Mediterranean lifestyle will take delight in a Croatian vacation.

Does the water seem to call your name? Can you sometimes almost hear the ocean singing to you? If you are a sailor at heart or feel connected to the water, you and your love should make a stop at Organo Marino, or the Sea Organ. This marvel of engineering, located in Zadar, harnesses the wind from the ocean’s waves through a set of hidden tubes to create beautiful music. Newlyweds will stand on the platform of Organo Marino and swoon to the mysterious serenade of sea waves. The magical locale is also famous for its mesmerizing sunsets. Add a couple glasses of fine Dalmatian wine to the natural melodies and painted night skies, and lovebirds can expect an evening drenched in romance.

Upper Town is great for sightseeing and learning about the Croatia’s history. A funicular, an inclined railway on which passenger cars are pulled by cables, will whisk honeymooners through amazing views of the city. Couples will get a bird’s-eye view of historic European buildings, including St. Mark’s Church. There are plenty of lively cafes where newlyweds may lunch on ćevapi, Croatia’s answer to the kebab. The tender, meaty links are often accompanied by yogurt sauce and vegetables, including roasted peppers and onions. A leisurely walk around Upper Town will work off some of the delicious lunch and also allow newlyweds to more closely observe the pedestrian-friendly area, where quaint shops and museums will provide hours of pleasurable activity.

Don’t wait to make your Croatia honeymoon a reality!

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