Whether you prefer quiet time together or cultural adventures, you won’t be disappointed with so many honeymoon destinations in Asia. Asia not only happens to be the largest continent on the planet but it’s also a very romantic destination. The Far East offers a mystical blend of ancient cultures, holy temples, cosmopolitan cities and pristine, palm-fringed beaches. You’ll find a melting pot of contrasting experiences from vibrant non-stop city life to beautiful destinations off the beaten track. From luxury resorts to adventure packages, you’ll find just about everything to cater to your desires in Asia.

Honeymoon In India

If you’ve finally decided on “shudh desi romance” and selected India for your honeymoon, then you are in for a cultural and romantic treat. What better way to immortalize your love for each other than by admiring the embodiment of eternal love, the Taj Mahal in Agra? Or let the romantic weather and beautiful landscape of Mumbai perfectly compliment your celebratory mood. For a truly memorable honeymoon, celebrate in India – a land rich with a vibrant history, spectacular natural scenery and a warm, welcoming culture.

Explore Singapore

Singapore is as beautiful and romantic as it looks in the pictures, and everyone who has ever been there would agree. Be it the lush greenery that surrounds the lion city, or the breathtaking experiences that it offers, everything about it is super romantic. The varied architecture, the magnificent gardens, and the incredible cuisine are all intended to awaken your senses for a most romantic honeymoon experience. This is exactly why a Singapore honeymoon is the perfect way to celebrate the start of your new lives.

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