Dominican Republic Honeymoons

Dominican Republic

A Dominican Republic honeymoon is the perfect choice for the couple who embraces nature, dance and life. Besides being the most visited nation in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic also boasts the Caribbean’s largest lake and highest mountaintop. You can traverse the rugged mountains and tour the Dominican Republic’s wildlife-filled lakes. Whether you’re looking for adventurous activities and exploration, long days lounging by the ocean, or a mixture of both, honeymooners will find it in the Dominican Republic.

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoorsy types can climb Pico Duarte, the country’s highest mountain top. Couples can start their trip at Jarabacoa, where most organized hiking tours of Pico Duarte are offered. Beginners will pack their mules full of supplies and tour the country’s majestic mountain with the help of tour guides. Expert climbers can go the daring route and start their journey in San Juan de la Maguana, where there is less assistance and travelers will need to rely on their own skills to get them to the summit and back. Either provides an intriguing glimpse of the nature residing on the highest mountaintop of the Caribbean.

Something For Everyone

Water-lovers can tour Lake Enriquillo, three times saltier than the sea, by boat. With the exception of the sulfur pools, this lake is known to be a haven for wildlife, including crocodiles and lizards! In the safety and comfort of their tour boats, couples can delight in the sights of iguanas, flamingoes and rare plant life. The lake is home to some natural sulfur pools where many bathe for healing and cosmetic purposes.

Finally, newlyweds can show off their merengue moves on the dance floor. The intense, rhythmic beat of the Dominican Republic’s famous music practically massages the soul into a state of happiness … the perfect way to start married life.

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