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Why Visit Europe?

For centuries, Europe has symbolized the epitome of romance for many couples. With rich culture, delicious cuisine, and gorgeous vistas, it is no wonder that so many newlyweds choose to spend their honeymoons on this diverse continent.

But if you are planning a honeymoon in Europe, you must first decide where exactly you want to go! There is no shortage of romantic options.

Wine lovers might prefer Tuscany, Italy, where they can take in the expansive vineyards and olive groves before touring art museums and viewing architecture that has stood for hundreds of years. Or, for a bit more action, take your honeymoon in Barcelona, Spain, where historical monuments mingle among bustling markets and charming outdoor cafes -- not to mention sun-drenched beaches. 

Or try Paris, France, a city renowned worldwide for its penchant for love. Climb the stairs of the Eiffel Tower, visit world-famous art museums, and stroll quiet streets with your new spouse. For a less-frequented honeymoon spot, why not try a trip to Scotland? If the windswept hills and moors of purple heather don't inspire romance, try curling up with your sweetie in front of a warm fire after spending the day hiking around the lochs -- Scotland offers plenty of unspoiled natural vistas for you to enjoy.

Once you have done some preliminary research, start booking the perfect trip for you. Happy honeymooning!

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