Flower Girl Dresses

She might be the littlest member of your bridal party, but your flower girl is there to add some serious cuteness to your day. Make sure she feels special by choosing the right dress.

 Start your search by using our tool where you'll find 100+ flower girl dresses to browse. Narrow your search by designer or price range to find the perfect frock for your favorite flower girl. When it comes to deciding on a style, know this: Traditionally, the flower girl was dressed in the same hue as the bride (white, ivory, or cream). But there are no rules -- simply dress your flower girl in the same color as your bridesmaids or use her dress to call out your accent color. And don't feel that she should wear a scratchy ball gown if that's not her style. Flower girl dresses today range from tutus to silk slips, even jumpers. Finally, don't forget to give her a few floral accessories. Whether it's a fancy basket of petals or a simple floral wreath for her hair, your flower girl will need a few blooms to help her live up to the title.

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