Groom Basics

You’re getting married…now what? If you’re feeling a bit lost in the wide world of wedding planning, you’ve come to the right place for tips for grooms. From choosing your groomsmen to figuring out what to wear, here’s where you’ll find all the help for the groom you could ever want.

First, don’t be afraid to share your opinion — there are a ton of decisions that need to be made while planning a wedding, so your fiance will definitely appreciate the input. To narrow things down, pick what matters to you most (the food? The music? The venue?) and offer to help. One thing you definitely shouldn’t miss out on: creating the wedding registry. The idea of walking around a store for a few hours with a scanner might sound like a drag, but keep reminding yourself: Other people are going to buy this for you. Not bad, eh? And if you couldn’t care less about a lot of the wedding details, there are still ways for you to help take pressure off of your fiance. Give her a night off from planning, and make her dinner or take her out for a relaxing meal. Acknowledging the hard work she’s putting into planning will go a long way, so don’t forget to make room in the schedule for a few dates. One last piece of advice for the groom: On your wedding day, send her a gift, flowers, or a note to read while she gets ready. Trust us — the extra effort will make her even more psyched to marry you in a few hours.

The Big Day Registry

Design your custom wedding registry

Design your custom wedding registry from ideas we’ve showcased or include your personalized honeymoon wishes.