Groom Style


Whether you’re into fashion or not, you want to look decent on your wedding day. One of the biggest contributors to your overall look will be your wedding tuxedo. Unless you already own a tux or nice suit, you’ll need to rent or buy one. With either option, the first step is finding a good tuxedo shop.

You want a store that is reliable and one that has a good reputation. Call ahead to ask about the range of suits and tuxedos they offer, and assess the overall vibe when you visit the store. Is it super-busy? Do the salespeople seem to have a good knowledge of their inventory? Keep in mind that your groomsmen will probably need to rent a similar wedding tuxedo to what you get, so opting to use a national chain can be helpful if they live in other parts of the country. When it is time to start trying on suits, think about the formality of your wedding. Will it be a super-formal ballroom affair? A simple backyard ceremony with a barbeque? Having this information will help you determine if you should rent a classic black wedding tuxedo or a more low-key khaki suit — or anything in between. While shopping, take advantage of the store associates. It is their job to know the ins and outs of their merchandise (and odds are you’re no tuxedo pro). They can not only advise you on which suit to rent, but can also help with measurements and fittings. Speaking of fit, make sure that you can move in your suit before you put any money down. You want to be able to hit the dance floor, toss a garter, and perform all of your other groom duties without worrying about splitting a seam. (Remember, you will be wearing your wedding tuxedo for eight or more hours, so you want to be comfortable.)

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