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Often mistaken for being part of the “Caribbean,” Barbados is actually to the west and part of a group of islands known as the “Lesser Antilles,” which includes St.Lucia, St. Vincent and Martinique.

Climate/When to travel

Constant trade winds keep the temperature in Barbados relatively mild. The rainy season is from June – November. The island can expect between 40 inches and 90inches of rain per year, most of which falls during the rainy season. Its geographical position generally keeps it out of harms’ way for most hurricanes and tropical storms.


Affectionately nicknamed little England, Barbados is an independent country first settled by the British in the 1600s and produced sugar, rum and molasses. However, tourism is now the country's leading industry and employs many of the 280,000 citizens that live there. True to British tradition, they drive on the left and cricket is a national pastime.

There are numerous all-inclusive resorts and private estates on the west coast of the island. Villages and sugar plantations throughout the center of the island reflect its long history and commerce. Cliffs and hills to the north and east of the island earned the nickname “Scotland.” To the South the lively energy of daytime continues well into the night at countless restaurants, dance clubs, and nightspots.

Getting There

Located in the same time zone as the North American East Coast, non-stop flights are available from this area directly to the country. Cruise ships often stop at the capital, Bridgetown.


English is the official language of Barbados. Because of its British roots, you will likely notice British spelling of many English words on the island.

In informal settings you are likely to hear Bajan dialect spoken. This Barbados language is a combination of British English and various West African languages.

Increasingly Barbadians, especially those working in hotels, restaurants and attractions, are becoming multilingual. French and Spanish are the two most common languages taught in schools.

Currency: The Barbados dollar is pegged to the U.S. Dollar and while US Dollars are widely accepted, change is often given in the local currency::

Electricity: 110 v Same as U.S.
Passports: A valid passport and round trip (return) ticket are required for entry into the country. Stays shorter than 28 days do not require a Visa.

Time Zone: GMT -4 hours (same as east coast U.S.)

Budget: A wide range of accommodations from the economical to the expensive. You can set your budget and find the honeymoon best suits your style

Internet/WiFi: Internet connections are readily available and reliable. US cell phones usually work here although roaming charges are high. Consider renting a cell phone to avoid roaming charges.

Travelers Tips: Crime is relatively low and generally occurs as pickpocketing and petty theft. Tourists are advised to be alert on the beaches at night. Common sense is the rule of thumb. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings and avoid secluded areas.

Because they drive on the left in the country, Americans are cautioned about driving vehicles or scooters and to use extreme care when doing so.

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