Honeymoon Registry Gift Guide

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Whether you create a honeymoon registry at TheBigDay or elsewhere,

we recommend you take just a few minutes to read what we’ve got to say below. The choices you give your wedding guests in terms of gifts will affect how they feel about the gift-giving and your wedding. And while you’re the centerpiece of your wedding, it’s not only about you…or else you wouldn’t have invited all those people 🙂 

Reality of the wedding gifts


No matter who you are or how much money you make, your wedding guests are going to buy you wedding gifts. Not only is it traditional, but it’s a way for them to show their love for you and help you celebrate your wedding, starting off your new life together with something memorable. You’re
 gonna get wedding gifts, and even though it’s not polite to ask for gifts, you do need to make it easy for the guests to get you something that means something to you…which means creating a registry and gracefully and subtlely letting your guests know how to find your registry. 

What the gift is about


A honeymoon registry gift is an important gift for the
 gift-giver: not only does it tend to be more expensive than gifts for other occasions, it’s also expressing a very personal and emotional feeling for you and your new life together. What they give you is an expression of how they feel about you. If your registry is full of practical but “cold” gift items, your guests aren’t going find something that expresses their feelings for you. 

Remember this: a wedding gift needs to “work” for the gift-giver as well as for you, the couple. 

Create specific, meaningful items


Consider the following two registry items:

  • $75 toward your honeymoon
  • Waikiki sunset catamaran sail for two

While both might cost the guest $75, there’s a HUGE difference between the two! The first one says “we’re willing to spend $75 on your registry gift”, while the second says “we’d like to give you this particular romantic experience to celebrate your wedding”. Either way, of course, you get $75 to help you have a great honeymoon, but for the wedding guest, it’s a much more personal and rewarding thing to give you the sunset sail. 

And when you get back, you’ll undoubtedly take a picture of the two of you on the boat and include it in your thank-you note to them…so they’ll see you’re smiling sunburned faces and know you really enjoyed their specific gift. 

Size isn’t everything


Make sure you have
 lots of gift items in the $10 to $25 range. It’s not just for those guests who are only spending $10 to $25! We’ve found that many wedding guests will buy one big item from a registry, and add on a little “fun” item that’s not much money but is more fun and romantic than the main item they’re buying. “Umbrella drinks at the beach bar” is a classic example.

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