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Italy Honeymoon: Vacations Packed with Romance

[h1]Lovebirds Find Amore in Italy[/h1] Known for its mouthwatering cuisine and diverse geographical features, Italy is a feast for the mouth, eyes and spirit. No matter the region, the city or the town you visit, you and your amore will be indelibly marked by the romance and passion that defines this vibrant country. An Italy honeymoon is perfect for couples who take particular interest in art, food and sightseeing. Couples will understand what put the “roman” in romance the instant they hear the buttery-smooth sounds of Venice’s gondoliers serenading guests as they glide through enchanting canals in what are practically floating love coaches. The stripes-and-kerchief-attired gondoliers have transformed the act of serenading love birds into a time-honored tradition, now a symbol of romance in Italy and worldwide. After the amorous ride, honeymooners will grab a sweet refresher of gelato, the country’s creamy, frozen delight. Honeymooners can escape to Naples for an authentic Neapolitan pie, which is made to the strict standards of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. Couples will then tour Mt. Vesuvius, where they’ll safely explore the remnants of the volcanic eruption that took place over two thousand years ago. Most find the experience bittersweet in that so much precious life was lost, but they are also heartened by the fact that mankind has persevered and once again cultivated the area into a thriving civilization. Being immersed in a lesson on new beginnings is not lost on newlyweds, who are starting their new married lives in such a place as historic as Italy. Newlyweds will marvel at the beautiful vineyards of Tuscany, and perhaps, even dine atop hills overlooking perfect rows of grapevines, peppered with olive groves. Honeymooners will appreciate the fruits of their views, while they sip vibrant vino, including Italy’s own Chianti and Muscato, and dip rustic bread in the finest olive oil direct from the very olive trees they’re admiring. A quick trip to Florence to catch a glimpse of the perfection that is Michelangelo’s David is an opportunity no couple should miss. Don’t let your fantasy of an Italy honeymoon escape you! Call one of our expert travel representatives today at 1-866-246-5847 to make your dream vacation come true.

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