Prewedding Pampering

After months of planning stress, bridal party blowups, and dealing with family problems, you’ve definitely earned a massage (make that a lot of massages). That is where wedding day pampering comes in.

We have plenty of ideas for at-home spa sessions and ways for you (and your whole bridal party) to unwind. To start to shed away all that wedding stress, try a yoga class. If you have never taken a yoga class before, make sure you sign up for a beginner course — it’s tougher than it looks. Next, soothe any achy muscles with a soak in the tub. Add a moisturizing bath salt or some bubble bath, and while you’re at it, get in some exfoliation. Use a pumice stone on your feet and a gentler sugar scrub on the rest of your body. Speaking of water, make sure you are getting enough of it — this is key for any wedding day pampering routine. Sipping some H2O throughout the day is great for your hair, skin, nails, and every other part of you. For more nail care and tips, check out our best how-tos. And considering teeth whitening before your wedding? Here’s all the info you need to know about getting a brighter smile on your wedding day.

The Big Day Registry

Design your custom wedding registry

Design your custom wedding registry from ideas we’ve showcased or include your personalized honeymoon wishes.