Share Your Registry

If you’ve got your own wedding web page elsewhere, you can easily link directly to your honeymoon registry at TheBigDay, so that your guests can click from your wedding web page and go directly to your registry, without having to come to the site and search by name.

    • Tell your immediate family–especially the maid of honor and your mothers. These are the people that the wedding guests will call to find out where you’re registered.
    • Use your wedding web page–you can tell your wedding guests about your web page without implying that they should buy you a gift, since it’s where you share information about how you met, details of the ceremony and reception, etc. Those who are going to get you a wedding gift will find your registries on the web page.
    • Email your guests–use our email postcard to send links to your registry or your wedding web page to your guests.
    • Order wedding web page or registry announcement cards. They’re free, and you can include them in your invitations if you like, or have them at your bridal shower. It’s a good idea to give them to your immediate family so they remember where you’re registered when wedding guests call them.

The Big Day Registry

Design your custom wedding registry

Design your custom wedding registry from ideas we’ve showcased or include your personalized honeymoon wishes.