The Bachelor Party

bachelor party

We know, bachelor parties have gotten a bad rap. If you're looking for how to plan a bachelor party that will keep you out of both jail and the doghouse, you've come to the right place.

First, the basics: Bachelor party planning is usually done by the friends and relatives of the groom (most of the time, everyone in the bachelor party chips in to cover the groom's expenses). The best man is considered the host, and he's responsible for making sure everyone knows the who, what, and where of the whole party. One of the big bachelor party trends right now? Using the party as a chance to do something the whole crew always talked about doing but never got around to actually planning. Think something like skydiving or ice fishing. For bachelor party planning on a budget, a night in a local bar or even at a friend's house will definitely work. Another thing to keep in mind? Timing. If you're planning a raging bash for the bachelor party, definitely don't have it the night before the wedding. At the very least, give yourself a few days to a week to recover -- you'll save everyone (bride included) a big headache. Want more tips for how to plan a bachelor party? Check out the articles below for our top bachelor party ideas, from over-the-top to more on the mellow side.

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