The Most Romantic Things to Do in Tahiti During Your Honeymoon

Tahiti is the perfect honeymoon destination because of the crystal-blue waters, breathtaking landscape, and delicious food. But what activities can couples do on their honeymoon?

Here are the most romantic things to do in Tahiti.

Snorkel in a Coral Garden

Tahitian waters are the perfect snorkeling destination. There’s a reason why Tahitian coral is famous. You’ll view vivid and healthy coral reefs where marine wildlife makes their home.

You’ll also view a myriad of tropical fish, making the experience even more magical for your honeymoon.

Kayak Around the Lagoons

There are 188 islands in Tahiti. These islands are known as atolls, which are ring-shaped islands formed by coral. All of the atolls are separated by aqua-blue lagoons.

These lagoons are perfect for snorkeling and diving. The waters are also crystal clear and at an ideal temperature (usually 80 degrees) which means the lagoons are perfect for swimming.

However, the best way to explore the lagoons is by kayak. You can view the stunning scenery and look down at the wildlife in the crystal-clear water. For the most unique experience, take a glass kayak for two.

Sail On a Catamaran

If exploring Tahitian lagoons via kayak isn’t unique enough for you, take the exploration a step further and sail the lagoon on a catamaran. You can rent a private catamaran on the island and explore the lagoons and islands..

The benefit of taking a catamaran is you can explore Tahiti in great lengths, exploring more than you would compared to snorkeling or swimming. If you really want to sail, take at least a week and travel between the islands.

Stay in an Overwater Bungalow

Tahiti and its islands are famous for the overwater bungalows. These bungalows are positioned over the water, so you can walk out and enjoy the water from above.

These bungalows offer privacy for your honeymoon and they create the most romantic setting for your most special vacation.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

One of the favorite Tahitian activities is paddle boarding.

Paddling around the lagoons and the resort provides a one-of-a-kind Tahitian experience. You and your partner can enjoy the setting and look down into the crystal clear water to admire the marine wildlife.

Take a Chartered Seaplane

Tahiti looks as amazing above as it does on land. That’s why many couples take a chartered seaplane tour around the islands for a sky view. Many seaplanes pick you up at your resort and will take you on an aerial tour of the vicinity.

You can see all of the atolls and the surrounding lagoons, providing a breathtaking and romantic Tahiti experience.

Catch the Sunset

What’s the ultimate romantic experience? Watching the sunset while you’re holding each other, of course.

There’s no sunset like a Pacific Ocean sunset. Take a private sunset cruise and watch the sky explode in shades of red, yellow, and orange. Are you an early riser instead? No worries! The sunrises are just as spectacular.

Take a Shark and Stingray Tour

Taking a dip with the ocean’s predators doesn’t sound glamorous to many couples. But swimming with these (supposed) dangerous animals is a rewarding experience.

Tahiti welcomes many shark species, specifically Blacktip, Gray Reef, Hammerhead, Oceanic White Tip, and Thresher Sharks. These waters also attract a myriad of stingrays.

Fortunately, humans aren’t prey and most people dive and snorkel with these animals in peace.

However, it’s recommended you take a tour so you can be under the supervision of a professional at all times.

Indulge in the Local Cuisine

Are you and your partner foodies? Guess what? Tahiti is known to boast the best beaches but also to boast the best cuisine.

Tahiti has extremely unique cuisine, combining French cuisine with the local produce and seafood found on the island. For the best foodie experience, eat at a combination of award-winning restaurants and street food trucks or take a food tour.

What are some meals you must try? Poisson cru is the national dish of the islands, which is a raw fish salad. The dish consists of raw fish, usually ahi tuna, marinated in lime juice. The fish is served with vegetables in coconut milk.

Other island specialties include pouletfafa, chevrettes, case-croute, and po’e. Tahitian Noni juice is known for its amazing health benefits. For your party evenings, try Hinano, or Tahitian beer.

Hike Mount Aorai

Mount Aorai is a summit of volcanic mountains. These mountains offer stunning views of the islands and lagoons, perfect for a one-of-a-kind honeymoon experience.

Keep in mind, this hike isn’t for beginners or for the faint of heart.

These mountains are slippery, so it’s recommended you take good hiking shoes. Other conflicts you’ll run into include steep inclines and thorny bushes. Weather also has to be ideal to hike the mountains.

However, beginners and those who don’t want to undergo an extensive hike can instead reach the first summit, which only takes about 45 minutes from ground level.

Gaze at the Waterfalls

Tahiti has many famous waterfalls. From Faarumai to Fautaua, these waterfalls are all impressive. Many waterfalls reach a pool that’s ideal for swimming. And what’s more romantic than holding each other while gazing at waterfalls?

Keep in mind, many of these waterfalls require an extensive hike to discover so why not schedule a tour to see them up close.

Ride a Bike Around the Island

While it’s necessary to explore the lagoons and nature in Tahiti, it’s also necessary to explore the local life. The best way to take in this experience is by taking a bike tour around the island.

If you and your partner prefer connecting with the locals and the local culture, rent a couple of bikes or electric scooters and take a day cruising around the island. You can get lost in the cities and local areas, exploring the island like a true local.

From Swimming With Sharks to Bike Riding: There Are Many Things to Do in Tahiti

Are you booking your honeymoon in Tahiti? There are many things to do in Tahiti that are perfect for couples! But you should book your stay and activities with the most trustworthy source.

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