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TBD 328x230 TravelWant to know more about your destination, or still deciding? Here's our favorite travel books to help you out. You can click on any of them to read other people's reviews, etc. on Amazon.

Authors/publishers: if you'd like us to consider your book for listing on our site, please send a copy to us for review at: TheBigDay, 10100 Santa Monica Boulevard Ste. 300, Los Angeles California 90067.

Honeymoon with my Brother

OK, so this isn't a traditional travel book...and it's not even really about a honeymoon. It's Franz Wisner's true story about how he was dumped at the altar, then decided rather than waste his two tickets to Costa Rica, took his brother instead. One thing led to another--they both quit their jobs, and extended their trip, eventually traveling to 60 countries in Eastern Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa.

We had dinner with Franz and his brother Kurt recently when they were visiting Portland for some book-signing events and they're really interesting, great guys. We like to think that their trading away of their material possessions in favor of travel experiences sounds a lot like registering for honeymoon travel instead of dishes and toasters :-)

-- Michael

Moon Handbooks Fiji

As someone who was born and lived in Fiji, I found some of the facts astounding in this book. David Stanley has precise, intimate, firsthand knowledge of Fiji and his insights will prepare you for encounters with all cultures. The history and culture reminds me of history classes in school!

It's very thorough and fills you in on every aspect of the country from past to present. It has all the essentials any traveler would need regardless of budget. Excellent guide--I highly recommend it.

-- Aruna

Destination Bride

We've worked with Lisa for some time now, and she's always been a terrific source of information--even helping me out with some issues that came up with my own wedding. Lisa sent me a pre-release copy of her book in November 2005, and it's terrific. You'll find a tremendous amount of helpful, detailed information on wedding destinations, including important facts about marriage laws, currency exchanges, and wedding and religious customs. As well, there's a ton of great info on how to select a location, set a budget, make travel arrangements and coordinate the ceremony.

-- Michael

Insight Guide Mexico

Like Mexico itself, Insight Guide Mexico is big and diverse. Best read before you go, the guide provides a wide overview of Mexico history, politics and culture as well as an overview of the various travel regions of Mexico. It is best used to help the traveler pick a region to visit on your next Mexican holiday--you'll probably still want to purchase a separate take-along guide to give you more detailed information about the specific region you choose to visit.

-- David

Romantic Paris

It is wonderful; full of great romantic places to stay, visit, as well as an assortment of special places to dine. Great photographs as well.

Average customer review at Amazon on this book is 5 stars!

-- Karin

Eyewitness Travel Guides

Several of our Europe experts rave about the travel guides by DK Travel Writers. This link is to their Europe guide, but they have guides for many other destinations. This book, for instance, has over 2,400 full-color illustrations and detailed maps of over 20 top cities in Europe.

If you like what you see in this book, but want a different destination, just search for "Eyewitness Travel Guides" on Amazon and you'll find all of the others.

Maui Revealed

When we first started TheBigDay, we were a honeymoon registry for Maui only. Dan and Michael went over to interview and select our activity partners on Maui, and this book was absolutely the best we found for telling the real truth about what each activity or tour was really like.

There are a lot of guidebooks out there that are little more than a listing of everybody in the business--this isn't one of them. The authors aren't afraid to criticize where it's due!

-- Michael

Hawaii The Big Island Revealed

This book is by the same authors as Maui Revealed, and we used it (and liked it a lot!) when we expanded our services from Maui to include the other Hawaiian Islands.

The focus of Doughty & Friedman's series is really activities and sights--hotels are covered too, but only lightly.

The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook

This book is by the same authors as Maui Revealed, and we used it (and liked it a lot!) when we expanded our services from Maui to include the other Hawaiian Islands. Don't ask me why they didn't call it "Kauai Revealed"! :-)

Kauai Trailblazer

Tremendous coverage of places to explore: hiking trails, beaches, and sections on best places to snorkel, best places to surf, etc. Great trailhead directory, and lots of detailed directions and notations on what to look for along the way.

-- Michael

Oahu Revealed

This book is by the same authors as Maui Revealed--however, we didn't use it when we expanded our services to Oahu, but that's just because it hadn't been released yet. Based on how thorough their other books were, though, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Also, we noticed that it's getting 5 stars from reviewers on Amazon.

Oahu Trailblazer

Like Kauai Trailblazer, this is a guide for those who really want to explore the island--focusing on hikes, surf spots and beaches, but also including good information on the man-made and historic attractions, and great ideas for family activities on Oahu.

Does our list look a little short? Well, we don't just list anything that pops up in an Amazon search! We only list books we actually review ourselves AND we like. We're in the process of getting recommendations from all of our travel specialists, and we'll add to this list as we find books that we think deserve your consideration.

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