Tahiti Travel Itineraries

You have one week for your honeymoon – what trip will let you see the best Tahiti and her islands have to offer…without picking up and moving every day?

You are coming to Tahiti to SCUBA dive and snorkel – where are the best spots?

Your honeymoon dream includes you, your partner, a beach, a bungalow, and not much else – where should you go?

Everyone’s idea of a honeymoon is different, which is why you should customize your itinerary to you, your budget and your interests. Below are a few examples of popular itineraries:

One week to ten days Tahiti itinerary

Fly into Papeete, Tahiti and recover from your flight with a relaxing stay overnight at a nearby Tahiti hotel or resort.

After your cozy sleep, explore Papeete’s Le March√© – the central market, dine at the roadside les roulottes or enjoy another Tahiti activity. Enjoy a full day of activities around Papeete and then take a short boat ride to the nearby island of Moorea.

If you’re anxious to get to the sandy beach, head to Moorea first thing and explore Papeete on your last day in island paradise.

Spend two nights on Moorea, checking out the unique valleys and plantations. With almost a half-dozen resorts on the island, you’ll have plenty of options on where to lay your head in Moorea.

Next, catch a flight directly from Moorea to Bora Bora, and experience the romantic wonderment of staying in an overwater bungalow in the islands where they were first built, or on a motu, overlooking the main island. Nearly all of the resorts on Bora Bora are fantastic, but each one has a unique style, personality and character. Speak with someone who has actually visited the resorts in order to pick the one you’ll most enjoy!

During the day, relax by SCUBA diving or snorkeling in the famous lagoons, lying on the sugar-sand beach or visiting other nearby Leeward Islands.

Some properties have multiple hotels on an island – such as Sofitel on Bora Bora – and will offer their guests discounted rates if they wish to stay at multiple properties in the chain. In addition to the different resort settings, travelers can experience a variety of rooms, such as a beach versus an overwater bungalow.

Keep in mind, however, that moving every-other-day is far from a relaxing experience! Try to limit the number of transfers and resorts and you’ll better enjoy your holiday. Finally, on your last day, return to Tahiti and catch your flight back home, well rested and full of wonderful honeymoon memories.

Spending less than a week? Cut out Moorea and go straight to Bora Bora from Papeete. Planning ten days? Extend your time in Moorea and Papeete, or explore more of the Leeward Islands.

SCUBA diving Tahiti itinerary

After your first night in a Tahiti hotel, take a short, hour-long flight from Papeete to Bora Bora and enjoy a few days of underwater exploring at the coral gardens and in the lagoons, checking out rays, fish, and sharks.

For wreck dives, visit nearby Raiatea. Stay in Bora Bora either on the lagoon in an overwater bungalow, or a tiny motu.

Depart Bora Bora for a 50 minute flight to Rangiroa in the Tuamotu Atolls. Check in to your Rangiroa resort and head out to the Tiputa Pass, with legendary shark spottings and an amazingly active underwater community of fish and rays. Return from Rangiroa to Papeete.

For those with more time and a sense of adventure, consider the overnight ferry from Papeete to the Leeward Islands.

Not a certified SCUBA diver? No worries! Many resorts offer introductory dives and full courses to their guests.

Remote islands Tahiti itinerary

Leave Papeete as soon as you can for a flight to the Tuamotu Atolls, residing on the secluded shores of Tikehau or Manihi. Spend your days exploring the sparsly populated (by humans) nature reserve at Fakarava. Catch a once-a-week flight to Nuka Hiva, five hours away from the Tuamotu Atolls, and spend the rest of your trip at the only luxury resort in the Marquesas.

During the day, explore the jungle treks, laugh with the local artisans at their small, traditional shops and go galloping by horseback – available only in the Marquesas! – through the mountains. Return via the daily three hour and forty minute flight to Papeete.

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