A USA Honeymoon

From her purple mountains to her fruited plains, America is a diverse land with a lot to offer. Couples who crave variety often choose a USA honeymoon. Entertainment and outdoor activities rank high on the lists of newlyweds opting for vacations in the good ‘ole U.S. of A.

New York, New York, some would contend the most famous city in the United States, is an electric town, bursting with energy. Popular with folks who love stimulation, the city that never sleeps offers newlyweds spontaneity and fun. Honeymooners will nosh on bagels before taking in dramatic Broadway shows. They’ll grab hot dogs while touring Ellis Island, the gateway to sweet liberty for many Americans’ ancestors. Lovebirds will also savor what is arguably the world’s best cheesecake after laughing it up at any one of the city’s too-many-to-count comedy clubs. Newlyweds will retire up to their well-appointed hotel rooms to sleep peacefully, while the current of the city charges endlessly below.

Outdoorsy couples will breathe in the pine fresh air of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Honeymooners will cleanse their souls by leisurely canoeing down sparkling streams, or they may go the more adventurous route and raft through the heavy rapids of the Colorado River. Other newlyweds will get the famous “Rocky Mountain High” by camping out in any number of the vast state’s parks. Cute, furry creatures, such as prairie dogs will make good company when setting up camp. Come nightfall, the sky will provide lovebirds with romantic ambiance, complete with twinkling lights from the virtual candelabra above. The sweet melody of the Lark Bunting, Colorado’s state bird, will replace romantic radio music.

White sandy beaches are always popular with honeymooners, and Laguna Beach, California definitely delivers for beach going newlyweds. Surfing lovebirds will attempt to hang ten on Laguna Beach’s impressive waves. Or, for more leisurely fun, honeymooners may observe the stunning sea life at any of the area’s tide pools, natural shallow pools in which ocean creatures rest during low tide. Sea stars and anemones are among the most common and beautiful sightings of Laguna’s tide pools. Of course, staking out temporary settlement on Main Beach will appeal to many newlyweds, for who wouldn’t want to bask in the sun’s golden rays while strolling along paths of silky, white sand?

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