Wedding Colors

Your wedding colors are one of the first wedding decor decisions you need to make.

First, determine your wedding style. Why? The vibe you choose will have a lot to do with the wedding colors you choose. Do you love bold, modern looks? Search through our wedding color combo slideshows for bright colors like aqua and chartreuse. Or choose an oversized pattern in black and white for your wedding motif and pair it with one signature color. Do you prefer traditional wedding styles? Then choose wedding colors like gold with pale pink or navy blue with silver accents. If you already have a general idea of what colors you want, use our wedding color combo slideshows to figure out the perfect accent color. Obsessed with bright orange? Our orange gallery of wedding color combos can help you decide whether to pair tangerine with aqua or sienna with a deep red. Love the idea of a blue wedding? Check out our blue gallery wedding color combos to determine if you prefer navy and gold or baby blue and chocolate. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, the slideshows and wedding color articles on the Choosing Your Wedding Colors area are full of helpful tips and tricks.

The Big Day Registry

Design your custom wedding registry

Design your custom wedding registry from ideas we’ve showcased or include your personalized honeymoon wishes.