Why Visit the Cook Islands?

Close your eyes and let tropical winds blow gently across your face, dig your toes into warm sand, listen to the soft lapping of the waves on the beach and swim in warm waters so full of colorful fish that you might think you’re in a tropical fish tank. These are the Cook Islands.

Located between Fiji and Tahiti in the South Pacific, the Cooks (as they are nicknamed) are visited less frequently than their neighbors, but share similar cultural and physical characteristics.

The comparatively 'undiscovered' islands have escaped the kind of development that comes along with increased tourism. You won't find high-rise hotels on the islands and you won’t find Starbucks, McDonald's or KFC here either.

The country is self-governed, with free association with New Zealand. As a result, New Zealand has brought modernity to the Cooks but the nation is still soothingly removed from the lifestyle of 21st century western culture. You will find an Internet café here, but after a day or two you won’t find any reason to go there!

One of the main attractions of the Cook Islands is their lack of tourists. Instead, you’ll meet a population that in the process of figuring our how to fit into a modern world where communication is instantaneous and travel nearly so.

If you are looking for a tropical getaway that is really a getaway, throw a few clothes, several bathing suits and one sweater in a bag and head out. Discover for yourself why the contestants who lasted the longest on Survivor: Cook Islands were in better shape when they left than when they arrived!

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