Why Visit Fiji?

Fiji’s Location

One of the most developed countries in the South Pacific, yet with only a third of her islands inhabited, Fiji is a unique, English-speaking destination. The country is able to offer honeymooners the comforts and activities they want. This includes upscale resorts, fantastic restaurants and  water sports – without things like big crowds and high prices.

From Australia and New Zealand, Fiji is only a short, 3-4 hour flight.  Travelers from North America can expect an easy overnight flight from Los Angeles, lasting 10 hours.

Fiji’s Value

The American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand dollar all go further in Fiji than they do back home. The euro and pound stretch even more. Wedding celebrations in Fiji are easily arranged and legally recognized. Here, you are able to have the wedding of your dreams…at a price you can afford!

Honeymooners reap the benefits of traveling on strong currencies by enjoying gourmet meals, relaxing in luxury accommodation and welcoming opportunities – such as SCUBA diving – that they would not experience at home.

Fijian Culture & Traditions

The Fijian people are known throughout the world for their open, welcoming nature and smiling faces. The opportunity to interact with locals in a small village and perusing their handicrafts should not be overlooked. Don’t miss the experience of drinking kava with your new friends.

Traditional Fijian culture includes music and dancing. A traditional song-and-dance performance, the meke, is rooted in their storytelling traditions. The rich culteral diversity and laid back lifestyle will soon have you reveling in the happy bliss of the Fijian isles and her people.

Fiji Romance

The swaying trees, the sounds of lapping waves, your own private beach…romance is in Fiji’s air! The secluded areas provide you and your partner ample opportunities to explore the world around you and enjoy your time in paradise. Unlike more popular destinations like Hawaii, accommodation options in Fiji tend to be individual bungalows instead of small rooms in a high-rise resort. Fiji’s sumptuous tropical dining, luxury lodgings, private picnic spots, and extravagant water and air adventures will be just the beginning of your Fijian love affair.

Activities in Fiji

There is no shortage of activities available to Fiji visitors. Relax on the sugar-white sand at beach resorts, dive down into the turquoise waters to discover why the nation is called the ‘soft coral capital’ of the world, or spend your day hiking around the rainforests.

There are plenty of historical and cultural sites to explore too, including Fiji’s largest Hindu temple, in Nadi, and the world’s largest collection of Fijian artifacts at the Fiji Museum in Suva.

The Big Day Registry

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