Your Groomsmen

Looking for groomsmen advice? You’ve come to the right place. Your groomsmen are the guys who have been by your side through it all. Whether you bonded in college, through work, or have known each other since you were kids, this is the crew you want standing up for you when you marry the woman you love.

It sounds obvious, but one of the groomsmen tips we get asked about most often is: How do you choose your groomsmen? First things first, you need to decide how many you want to have. There are no rules about numbers (just keep in mind that a larger bridal party may add to your wedding budget), but many couples opt to choose the same number of groomsmen as they do bridesmaids so they can walk down the aisle in pairs. This is definitely not required, but it does help keep things uniform. If you have leftover friends that you can’t fit in as groomsmen, consider them to be ushers. Another piece of advice for the bridal party we get asked about a lot is whether it’s okay for a woman to be a groomsman (and vice versa). The short answer: definitely. This is especially popular when a groom wants to incorporate his sister or a bride her brothers. Either way, both options are perfectly acceptable. Of course, the toughest decision you make will be in choosing your best man. While a solid piece of groomsmen advice is just to opt for a family member or your closest friend, there are a few things to keep in mind. The person should be an active part of your life, and make sure it is someone who is fairly responsible. We’re not saying total Type-A, but just make sure you can count on him to not give an inappropriate toast, show up hungover, or hit on the bride’s mother. Want to fill him in on best man duties? Send him this article.

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