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If you want to stay within the US for your honeymoon, couples should consider destinations such as New York, San Francisco or Las Vegas. No passport is needed to visit any of these great destinations that are filled with romantic hotels, delicious restaurants, and lots of interesting sight-seeing.

Is your idea of your honeymoon fast paced and cultured? One with more options of what to do than you can possibly pick from? Do you like great food? World-class museums? Then New York might be just the place for you.

Why honeymoon in Las Vegas? Warm weather, top entertainment, fantastic restaurants, high quality of accommodations, plus places to hike and ski nearby are just part of the allure. Glitz, glamour, love and fun can always be found in Las Vegas.

With its wealth of scenic locations, top-notch restaurants, and numerous places to explore, San Francisco is brimming with romantic honeymoon potential. Venture to the magical city of San Francisco and spend your first getaway as a married duo exploring all that the Bay Area’s crown jewel has to offer.

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